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Reliable Septic Tank Services in Brockville and Surrounding Areas

A blocked septic tank can cause a chain reaction moving backwards, bringing all the sewage and wastewater back to the drains and inside your property. At Howard Campbell & Sons Ltd., we provide a wide range of septic tank services, including inspection, pumping, and complete cleaning and maintenance solutions for all your septic and holding tanks in Brockville and surrounding areas.


Cleaning your septic tanks in three to five years is recommended to ensure their adequate functioning and keep your surroundings free from any foul odour. With an experience of 60 years, our professionals specialize in tackling any messy situation arising out of your residential and commercial septic systems. Reach out to us to get end-to-end cleaning solutions.

A picture of a white-coloured septic tank truck

Our Pumping Services

Regular septic or holding tank pumping and maintenance is essential to ensure that the waste, nitrogen, and phosphorous contained in your tank do not leak into the surrounding groundwater, as this could affect the health of your household and your surrounding garden. With regular cleaning, pumping, and maintenance, Howard Campbell & Sons Ltd.'s team can prevent this unpleasant result effectively and efficiently.

Residential and Commercial Septic Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your septic system from running into potential issues. Our professionals ensure that your septic and holding tanks stay fully functional without leaks or malfunctions. Schedule your septic cleaning, pumping and maintenance regularly, and let us do your dirty work to prevent clogging. Our services include:

Septic tank cleaning
Catch basin cleaning
Septic tank maintenance
Septic system inspection
Holding tank maintenance
Holding tank inspection

Maintain Your Septic Systems

The durability of your septic tanks depends on how you use it.

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